Jenni Rogan ~ Senior Recital Session

Do you ever just go to college and forget to update your website?

Yep. Been there. Definitely did that one. Took me long enough, that’s for sure. But I have finally updated my galleries with new shoots and reorganized some things!

On the blog today is my most recent shoot. This is my dear friend Jennifer. She asked me to shoot her photos for her senior recital photos, and it turned into a wonderful multiple-day experience. It was also one of my favorite shoots I’ve ever done.

Jenni recital shot 9

I met Jenni this year at Cornerstone, and we connected over Jesus, oatmeal, and music. We met for breakfast once a week (hence the oatmeal), played some music together, recorded some fun covers for YouTube, and at the end of the year I had the opportunity to play guitar in her recital. What a year. 🙂

This shoot was quite the adventure. We certainly put a lot of miles on the car driving rain and shine from downtown to the woods to multiple coffee shops (both of which we were nicely kicked out of since we stayed long past closing time) to some random empty parking lots. (I don’t recommend shooting in an unknown parking lot in the dark in the rain late at night. It’s a little sketchy.)

Here are some of my favorites.

Oh. And the recital was incredible.


Jenni recital shot 1 Jenni recital shot 2

Jenni recital shot 5Jenni recital shot 3 Jenni recital shot 4Jenni recital shot 6

Jenni recital shot 7 Jenni recital shot 10

Jenni recital shot 8 Jenni recital shot 11 Jenni recital shot 12 Jenni recital shot 13 Jenni recital shot 14Jenni recital shot 15 Jenni recital shot 17Jenni recital shot 16 Jenni recital shot 18 Jenni recital shot 19 Jenni recital shot 20Jenni recital shot 21


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