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Ryan & Jenna ~ Grand Rapids Session
  • Ryan & Jenna ~ Grand Rapids Session

  • These two crazies are not only best friends but they are also two of my best friends. And who better to spend 30 minutes outside in freezing temperature with? Who needs fingers and toes anyway? It's been a few weeks since I took these photos and the snow is hopefully gone for the season, but this[...]
Anderson ~ Fall Family Session
  • Anderson ~ Fall Family Session

  • This family, though. All of the heart eyes. They couldn't have been more of a joy to work with - the kids were total troopers for a chilly morning, and brought more smiles than necessary. I had an absolute blast, and love the way we were able to catch some morning sunlight! And seriously...the fa[...]
  • Fagerstrom / Irwin ~ Family Session

  • These people are some of the most wonderful people I've ever had the pleasure of calling friends. The joy that they have for life and love that they have for each other is infectious. I was so encouraged to spend time with them because that love is truly reflective of the compassion and love and car[...]
  • Ellen Waldecker ~ Grand Haven Session

  • Who doesn't love a good ole beach photoshoot in the summer? In August, I had the pleasure of spending some high-quality minutes with this long-time family friend to take her senior pictures. It was absolutely worth the early morning and getting thoroughly soaked in the water (hint: if you sta[...]
  • Jenni Rogan ~ Senior Recital Session

  • Do you ever just go to college and forget to update your website? Yep. Been there. Definitely did that one. Took me long enough, that’s for sure. But I have finally updated my galleries with new shoots and reorganized some things! On the blog today is my most recent shoot. This is my dear frie[...]
  • Anna Anderson ~ Summer Senior Session

  • If anybody in this world has ever come across Anna Anderson, there is absolutely no way they couldn't be impacted by her bright smile, energetic personality, or her fantastic sense of humor. I have never laughed as much as I did while walking around downtown with Anna shooting her senior pictures - [...]
  • Matéa Knispel ~ Busco Wandering Senior Session

  • My dear friend Matéa had me shoot her senior pictures, and I honestly don't know if I've ever enjoyed the hours shooting more. We wandered around Churubusco and found gorgeous settings to capture some beautiful moments. And the die for. This girl is legitimately one of the most in[...]
  • Macy James ~ Downtown Senior Session

  • If you know me, you know that I love wandering around during photoshoots looking for the perfect location to snag a unique shot. During Macy's shoot...we did plenty of wandering, and it was amazing! It was also filled with bumblebees, abandoned buildings, alarms sounding, police cars, and lots and l[...]
  • Josh and Kyle ~ Rainy Family Session

  • When your iPhone tells you that you still have a couple hours before the rain hits...don't trust it. Fifteen minutes into the Sommer's family pictures, the sky opened up and dropped a significant amount of water onto our heads. After running to the car to escape the torrential downpour, we decided t[...]